Robotic & Conventional Palletizing Systems

The Technipes Group offers both robotic and conventional automated palletizers for bags, boxes, and various other containers.

This flexibility ensures the best suited, most justified palletizing solution. Technipes designed and built WINTECH Series of simple gantry type robots offer an excellent solution for entry-level or lower capacity applications. WINTECH-ABB robotic and RUNNER-B Series low-level conventional palletizers offer low-medium capacity solutions. RUNNER-A Series high-level conventional palletizer offer medium-high capacity solutions. Technipes robotic palletizers, configured for the palletizing of bags, regardless of model, all feature a unique combination of programming, bag handling, and conditioning features delivering superior stack quality to other robotic palletizers. Stack quality is always the priority for all Technipes palletizers and takes precedent over ultimate speed.

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