RUNNER-A High-Level Conventional Palletizer

These conventional palletizers are ideal for the high-speed palletizing of bags and boxes. High-level palletizers work by first forming each row, which is then moved onto the layer forming platform. The pallet is on an elevator under the platform and moves into place. Once a layer is complete, the layer is squared up with powered guides and the platform opens to deposit the layer onto the pallet. When layer count is achieved, the pallet is discharged from the palletizer and a fresh pallet moved into position, while a new layer begins formation.
  • Heavy-gauge steel main structure
  • Dedicated pallet dispenser with empty pallets magazine
  • Optional slip sheet dispenser and magazine
  • Includes pallet conveyors for staging of empty pallets and discharge of full pallets
  • Unit infeed and staging conveyors
  • Integrated flatteners or conditioners when necessary
  • Integrated orienting devises to turn units as desired for layer formation
  • Row forming conveyor
  • Powered rake to push preformed row onto layer formation platform
  • Layer side press guides to square and tighten layer prior to deposit onto pallet
  • Split plate opening platform for deposit of formed layer onto pallet
  • Pallet elevator for positioning pallet under layer platform and for layer deposit
  • Possible layer platform pressing function to flatten each layer deposited (for bags only)

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