FIBC Bulk Bag Filling Systems

The Technipes Group produces two types of higher-end bulk bag fillers, rather than the common platform scale type fillers.

The FIBC-HW is our hang weigh filler designed to work with 4-loop type bulk bags. Hang weigh fillers allow bulk bags to hang freely during filling. This allows for better product distribution within the bag versus platform scale fillers, which translates into more stable bags and better bag weight accuracy. This filler may be optioned to be near fully automated, with only bag hanging needing to be performed by the operator. FIBC-TE represents our net weigh fillers which may be configured to work with 4- loop, 2-loop, or single loop type bulk bags. These high-capacity fillers utilize our large net weigh scales to pre-weigh and then discharge into bulk bags, and is one of few fillers available globally to offer full automation, including bag hanging.

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