FIBC-HW Bulk Bag Filler

FIBC-HW is our hang weigh super sack filler designed to work with 4-loop type bulk bags. Hang weigh fillers allow bulk bags to hang freely during filling, allowing for superior product distribution within the bag versus platform scale fillers, which translates into more stable bags and better bag weight accuracy. A choice or combination of product feeder types to suit various product characteristics are also possible. This versatile filler may be optioned to be near fully automated, with only bag hanging needing to be performed by the operator.
  • Bag weigh assembly mount high, and floated on load cells 
  • Screw, belt, or gravity feeder utilized depending on product characteristics 
  • Bulk and dribble weigh operation performed by scale during filling 
  • Electronic weigh controller with scale performance data history 
  • Integrated dust collection pickup points 
  • Includes operator platform for easy and safe access for hanging bags 
  • Configurations for bag weights up to 4000lb 
  • Optional automated full bag discharge 
  • Optional bag vibration for product densification 
  • Optional pallet and slip sheet dispensing 
  • Optional bag liner inflation system 
  • Optional stainless construction 

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