RUNNER-B Low-Level Conventional Palletizer

Conventional palletizers may be configured to palletize bags or boxes, as well as many other container types such as pails or jerry cans. Low-level palletizers work by first forming each row, which is then moved onto the layer forming platform. Once a layer is complete, the layer is squared up with powered guides, and the platform moves into place over the stationary pallet. The layer is then deposited onto the pallet.
  • Heavy-gauge steel main structure
  • Dedicated pallet dispenser with empty pallets magazine
  • Optional slip sheet dispenser and magazine
  • Includes pallet conveyors for staging of empty pallets and discharge of full pallets
  • Unit or filled bags infeed and staging conveyors
  • Integrated flatteners or conditioners when necessary
  • Integrated orienting devises to turn units as desired for layer formation
  • Row forming conveyor
  • Horizontally translating rake to push preformed row onto layer formation platform
  • Platform elevator for positioning formed layer over pallet
  • Layer side guides to square and tighten each layer prior to deposit onto pallet
  • Split plate opening platform for deposit of formed layer onto pallet
  • Possible layer platform pressing function to flatten each layer deposited (for bags only)

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