WINTECH Series Column Type Robotic Palletizer

Entry-level, simplified robotic palletizing solution, ideal for lower speed and payload applications for bags, boxes, drums, and other ridged containers. This single-column, gantry type robot model is available in a variety of speeds, palletizing cell configurations, and with a selection end-effectors.
  • Simple and compact single-column type robot specifically designed for palletizing
  • Available in 4 or 5-axis models depending on capacity required and space available
  • Simple coordinate-based programming
  • Many possible palletizing cell configurations and layouts
  • May palletize up to 2 incoming lines and discharge up to 2 lines
  • Exclusive handling for bags for superior stack quality with flexible packaging
  • Automated pallet dispensing done by robot end effector or dedicated dispenser
  • Automated slip sheet dispensing done by the end effector or dedicated dispenser
  • Standard on-board maintenance log
  • Available automated end effector change-over when required

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