TECNO-VL Gravity Packer

This gravity filler is designed for the low-capacity packing of free-flowing granular and pelletized type products. This gross weigh bagger utilizes a simple gravity feeder to meter product into the bag, leveraging product flow characteristics and eliminating the need for a powered fill. Prior to filling, the bag is inflated to expand the bag volume. The bag is filled in a declined position to allow the product to flow into the bag, and ensure a complete fill.
  • 1 to 4 spout packing systems possible depending on required capacity
  • Ideal for low-capacity packing of free-flowing granules, pellets, and prills
  • 3-position gravity gate filling system for bulk and dribble weigh operation
  • Electronic weigh controller with scale performance data history
  • Actuated declined fill spout 
  • Spout integrated bag sensors for fill cycle activation
  • Optional bag vibration during filling
  • Optional fully automated bag size changeover for automated applications
  • Optional stainless construction
  • Optional fully enclosed packing system

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