TECNO-FF Pneumatic Packer

Pneumatic valve bag packers are also known as air packers or force-flow packers. These fillers utilize low-pressure, high-volume air to move product from their pressurized cylindrical hoppers into the awaiting bag. These fillers offer versatility as their primary benefit, as they’re suited for packing fine powders to course, large grain size products. No moving parts in the product contact areas can make air packers easier to clean than other valve bag filler types. Technipes has refined this basic technology with key upgrades, boosting its accuracy and general performance.
  • 1 to 4 spout packing systems possible depending on required capacity
  • Suited for packing most powders, pellets, flakes or granules, with a particle size capability up to ½”
  • Bulk and dribble weigh phases optimized with programmable fill pressures for a given recipe
  • Ultraquiet enclosed Kaeser high-quality blower with isolation supports
  • Electronic weigh controller with scale performance data history
  • Spout integrated bag sensors for fill cycle activation
  • No moving parts in contact with the product
  • Triple dust collection pickup points
  • Quick product changeovers facilitated with easy open fully accessible chamber bottom for cleanout
  • Optional fully automated bag size changeover for automated applications
  • Optional stainless construction
  • Optional fully enclosed packing system

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