TECNO-350 Impeller Packer

These valve bag packers feature a vertically oriented impeller (horizontal axis) to move product from its infeed chute and fire it into the awaiting bag. This filling system is especially suited for building materials such a portland cement, mortars, grouts, stuccos, gypsum, lime, talc and clay. Technipes has improved on traditional impeller design for extended life and ease of maintenance. Controls feature VDF impeller drive as standard to ensure the best possible speed and accuracy as standard.
  • 1 to 4 spout packing systems possible depending on required capacity
  • Ideal for cement, mortars, grouts, stuccos, gypsum, lime, talc and clay with a particle size up to 2mm (10 mesh)
  • Bulk and dribble weigh phases optimized with programmable impeller speeds
  • Electronic weigh controller with scale performance data history
  • Spout integrated bag sensors for fill cycle activation
  • Hardox® impeller housing and paddles for superior abrasion resistance and low maintenance
  • Easy access to impeller for paddles replacement and ease of maintenance
  • Dual dust collection pickup points
  • Optional fully automated bag size changeover for automated applications
  • Optional fully enclosed packing system

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