SONSEAL On-Packer Ultrasonic Valve Bag Sealer

On-packer ultrasonic sealing offers the cleanest packaging solution for valve bags. Since the bag is sealed before discharge onto the take-away conveyor, product spillage, or product migration to the ambient is minimized. SONSEAL combines with the unique Technipes feature of indexing the filled bag backwards from the packer spout, allowing for cleaning the valve sleeve seal area prior to sealing, maximizing seal effectiveness and reliability.
  • Hermetically seals filled bags with ultrasonically sealable valve sleeve
  • Bag is sealed prior to discharge onto conveyor for cleanest operation
  • Unique valve cleaning prior to sealing maximizing seal reliability
  • Dust collection hood to capture emissions during cleaning and sealing
  • Titanium or aluminum seal horns
  • Bag presence sensor protects seal horn
  • Exclusively for Technipes packers

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