PURA-L Manual Open-Mouth Bagger

This entry-level, single spout manual bagger is offered as a low-capacity solution for most product types, and where full automation is not justified. PURA-L baggers are gross weigh filler, meaning the product is weighed in the bag during filling. The filler is also well-suited to difficult product types which are non free-flowing or even sticky. Bagger configuration is highly flexible and may be adapted to any open-mouth bag type and product characteristics.
  • Scale integrated into fill spout for weighing during filling
  • Screw, twin-screw, impeller, belt, vibratory pan, or gravity feeder types available
  • Bulk and dribble weigh operation for accurate bag weights
  • Electronic weigh controller with scale performance data history
  • Integrated dust collection pickup points
  • Any open-mouth bag type and any closure type
  • Optional bag vibration for product densification
  • Optional vacuum probe for high fluidity product densification
  • Optional stainless construction
  • May also be used to fill boxes

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