OPTIMA-ITC Auger Packer

This auger packer is paired with a TE Series net weigh scale dedicated to accurately weighing the product. When target weight is achieved, the weighment is discharged into the bagger infeed chute, and the auger delivers the product into the bag. Bag fill efficiency benefits from product densification provided by a fully adjustable shaker integrated into the bag chair. The packer is well suited for the higher-capacity, accurate packing of various foods, feeds, and chemicals. Clean-in-place provisions are available for food grade or sensitive chemical applications.
  • 1 to 4 spout packing systems possible depending on required capacity
  • Ideal for flours, brans, sugars, as well as sands, feeds, and various chemicals
  • Auger bag fill system fed by TE Series net weigh scale
  • Independent weigh and fill operations optimize speed and accuracy
  • Electronic weigh controller with scale performance data history
  • Spout integrated bag sensors for fill cycle activation
  • Integrated dust collection pickup point
  • Optional bag vibration during filling to densify product
  • Optional fully automated bag size changeover for automated applications
  • Optional stainless construction
  • Optional CIP (Clean-In-Place) provisions
  • Optional fully enclosed packing system

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