ET/2 Non-Ultrasonic Valve Bag Sealer

This unique patented sealer applies a kraft paper patch over the valve corner of filled bags. The seal is not considered hermetic, but is extremely effective at preventing product spillage from the valve. The resultant seal meets HACCP food grade requirements, and serves as a form of tamper evidence. The solution is high-speed, with the standard model capable of 1000bags/hour, and dual-head models 1500bags/hour. Seal adhesion is far superior to adhesive patches or industrial tapes, and highly resistant to any product or dirt on the outside of the bag. The sealer is supplied complete on a belt conveyor with the required bag conditioners, and is easily integrated into any existing line.
  • Sealer is conveyor mounted down-steam of packing for maximum production
  • Delivers a “tape over” seal for bags configured with typical “self-sealing” valves
  • Does not utilize ineffective and expensive adhesive patches or tapes
  • Seals formed by application of kraft paper patch with hot melt glue over the valve corner
  • Seals application is unaffected by product residue inside the valve sleeve
  • Seals adhesion highly resilient to product on outside of bag
  • Single or high-capacity dual sealer models

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