FB Series Stretch Hooder

These pallet hooders are fully automated in operation and feature the most advanced technology of their type. They deliver the greatest load stability, inherent five sides weather protection, and offer the highest available capacity in load securing solutions and potentially the lowest consumables cost per pallet.
  • Heavy-gauge steel main structure
  • Powered central pallet conveyor with self-clearing side sections for anchoring hood to pallet base for maximum stability
  • Automated detection of pallet dimensions and position
  • Up to 4 film reel holders with powered reel unwinding
  • Film opening unit with pneumatically actuated mechanical grippers
  • Stretch hood assembly suspended on vertically translating support beams
  • Four independent stretch devices for automated stretching and shaping of the hood
  • Film cutting and welding assembly
  • Available automated pallet straightening logic for leaning pallets
  • Available easy maintenance feature lowering entire stretch hood assembly to ground level

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